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Dear Ones,

Happy Spring Solstice that is almost here for us. Sometimes all the sudden light scares me but I know that I'll adjust soon. I just received news of my first show of the new year which I've been putting off for sometime - April 7th at Al's Den w/ Kevin Lee Florence. I'll be playing songs old and new, and perhaps one or two covers. Hoping to try out my new electric setup... I've been digging through some performance anxiety (a lot) which is the real reason I haven't yet played this year. At a certain point, I came to realize that continuing to perform was not, despite what every expert may tell you, helping me face my fear of sharing my most vulnerable side in front of a crowd. I've been doing some internal work and I hope to show up to this event in the best form I can, being as true to myself as I can.

Also, I'm running my first online songwriting workshop. This has been a dream of mine for a really long time and I'm happy to be setting my feet in the water - I have a lot to share on this process and believe so much in this as a healing transformation. Spark Your Songwriting runs from March 28-April 28 (one month) and you will love it! Cost is $100, and I am offering three spots free and two spots for half price, space is limited (email me if you're interested in one of those). Visit to apply and learn more! Some basic musical experience is helpful / necessary, but the course is intended for all levels of writers.

Going into April, I'm thinking about my birth month and entering a new cycle of life - I'll be 32 and in many ways I feel like I'm rapidly shedding layers of my past. Still, I have to remind myself to respect all those past places and past selves, to honor them as my small spirits/teachers in ever evolving growth. I always feel a special kindredness with the April full moon, they call it the Full Pink Moon - it's the time of seeds blooming, with wild ground phlox scattering the earth with it's first pink flowers. Here (and many places) our first flowers are crocuses.

Happy Sprouting Grass Moon,


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