A rare exhibition of the weight that minimalism can bear in contemporary, reflective folk music.
— Popmatters, 2018

Lindsay Clark finds balance between traditional and english folk, country, and her own version of experimental folk that seems to come from her soul. Exquisite and pitch perfect, her music speaks of quiet revelation, with a background of (usually her own) multi-tracked vocal arrangements. With influences ranging from the Beach Boys, Elizabeth Cotton, Joni Mitchell, appalachian folk, her classical upbringing, and her father's record collection, she blends many worlds into a uniquely warm sound. She has carved out a vibrant place as an artist with a penchant for poetry, rich harmony, and and a style of self-taught fingerpicking influenced by Nick Drake, John Fahey, and others.

Popmatters called Crystalline (2018) "a rare exhibition of the weight that minimalism can bear in contemporary, reflective folk music." Atwood Magazine called its first single, "Little Dove” - "a piece of poetry in and of itself." She draws inspiration from nature, self inquiry, relationships and the deepest depths of emotion.

Originally from the small gold rush town of Nevada City, CA, she now resides in Portland, OR. Her sound has been described as “folk with angelic vocals washing over smooth edges” (1859 Magazine). She has shared the stage with musicians such as Alela Diane, Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors), Ryan Francesconi (Joanna Newsom), Laura Gibson, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Her most recent effort was engineered and co-produced this year with San Francisco’s Jeremy Harris (guitar/vocals - Vetiver/Devendra Banhart), with additional work from Portland's own (Bizarre Star Strings and others). “Crystalline” was released in fall 2018 via boutique German label Oscarson (available on CD/LP/DIGITAL).


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