Summer Solstice, Portland Shows

I've spent the last month in Bali, Indonesia where I had transformational experiences of love, healing, music, dance, solitude, and communion. Bali is a magical island that is also facing a lot of struggle, development, and change... and there is pain there but it also holds an amazing space of devotion, prayer, ritual, and power. I felt and integrated so much during my month there. And now I'm home... I was away from music for a month (so long!) so now, a couple of events that will be coming up in the next weeks.

6/24 House Show Portland, Or w/ Pwrhaus

7/6 Alberta St Pub Portland, Or w/ Arrows in Orbit 

These will likely be my only Portland shows until the fall, when I'll be playing in California and also returning to the east coast for a couple of weeks... so please do come! I have so much new work to share, and will be working on recording my next album for the rest of this year and into next. With much love,