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Songwriting Workshop / East Coast Dates

Dear Friends,

Happy Summer! I have a few small announcements about what's happening around here. I have some tour dates coming up for the next couple of months, with some local Portland dates in the works for late fall and winter. I'm working on putting together a group of vocalists and harmony singers to flesh out what I love most - harmony. I've never done this live in a real regular way, and it's something my soul has been yearning for for a long time. I'm hope to have that line up set and ready to play in angelic choir fashion for my winter shows. Here's what's happening so far -

August 30th - San Francisco, CA @ Amnesia
August 31st - Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe
September 2nd - Nevada City, CA @ FoxHound

October 5th - Monhegan Island, ME @ Monhegan Church
October 6th - Boston, MA @ House Show ***
October 7th - Hudson, NY @ Spotty Dog Books
October 9th - Brooklyn, NY @ Pete's Candy Store

Also, I've designed and created my own songwriting workshop that I am running again starting the first week of September. I did a test run in April and am so excited, as well as a little bit nervous to be running it again this fall. It was so very rewarding both to lead and to participate in and you can find out more and apply via the workshops page. Space is limited so I would recommend registering soon if interested. This workshop is online so is open to you, wherever you are in the world... that's part of what makes it so special.

with all my love, wild foxgloves and summer apples



Dear Ones,

I've been working on recording a rough take of this song in my bedroom for the past few weeks and it's finally ready - I'm not a recording genius but it's a good outline for the beginnings of my new record - which I'm happy to report has finally begun to take shape in the writing process, and I'll be ready to enter a studio (or wild forest or coastal diy studio - suggestions?). To be completely honest, I wasn't sure this (or any) future record would ever surface. I've struggled a lot over the past few years with my writing process - feeling blocked, confused, directionless, and also feeling a lot of self-imposed pressure to be great, and to do something eye catching/ear catching. It's been a lot of 'shoulds' - how I should sound, what kind of songs I should write, what people like. I've been too attuned to the outside and not enough to the inside. I had to consciously start feeling my heart when I wrote - I would pose internal questions to myself and had to redirect my energy from my head back down into my (literal, physical) heart center. I hope I'm bringing to the surface more of the raw energy that's required for this sort of thing, the making of something new.  I'm also learning to trust the 'ebb' and that ebbs are not always blocks until you say so.  The song is about dissolving pride, about consciously choosing to soften your heart even when every part of you wants to create a wall - it's so easy to snap closed to the people who hurt us, who can't love us, who disagree with us... but it's also okay to acknowledge that anger is just another form of attachment (and pride = anger) and to say, okay, I forgive you, or if I can't yet I will begin by putting myself in the state of willingness, to be willing.

With Love,