Crystalline is a rare exhibition of the weight that minimalism can bear in contemporary, reflective folk music.
— Popmatters, 2018
‘Little Dove’ blossoms with the slow, carefully thought-out addition of pianos, flutes, and most important of all, Clark’s emotive singing voice. A piece of poetry in and of itself, ‘Little Dove’ is an homage to innocence and truth.
— Atwood Magazine, 2018
Enchanting… quiet, meditative ballads
— Portland Mercury, 2016
‘Begin’ is one of the most beautiful [albums] I’ve heard. Ever.”
— Kevin Max, Editor, Oregon's 1859 Magazine, 2015
Begin, [is] a gentle, graceful recording from the Portland singer/songwriter. Recorded in her Victorian house with Musée Mécanique’s Sean Ogilvie, it is a perfect album... for listening to around the house, preferably on cool, smoky mornings when the sun can’t make up its mind if it wants to poke its way through the clouds.
— Portland Mercury, 2014
Her voice has an ethereal quality as if coming from a dream. Her songs are spare and poetic, often inspired by... images. She describes her style as ‘lyric-based folk music,’ If [so], it’s folk with angelic vocals washing over smooth edges.
— Oregon's 1859 Magazine, 2014
Begin is a real delight. The instrumentation swirls like gentle eddies in the crystal clear flow of the vocals, plucked strings of guitar and banjo, piano and violin colour wash the spartan, sometimes haunting songs beautifully.
— Beat Surrender, 2014
Unbelievably soothing vocal and dreamy instrumentation
— Drunken Werewolf, 2012