Spark Your Songwriting Intro Workshop

Spark Your Songwriting Intro Workshop

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4 Week Online Songwriting Course

Learn about your own unique creative process, how to create a daily creative habit, about all the aspects of songwriting (melody, harmony, song structure, inspiration, lyric writing, tips for recording, and more. Includes weekly videos and pdf handouts and an interactive creative community with all participants, and email support. I teach from an intuitive/creative perspective and do not believe in any specific formula to writing songs - I believe in the power of inspiration and every individuals unique ability to transform their emotional experiences into music.

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Spark Your Songwriting is intended for those who (any but not necessarily all of these):

- want to turn their emotional experiences into poetry/music
- have some pieces of unfinished songs, and want direction
- want to collaborate and connect with other writers
- are self-directed and can work independently
- have already written songs but want more
- want to put time and love into their craft
- have a little bit of musical experience
- want to try something totally new
- have something to say/share!


WEEK 1 - Inspiration, Goals/Vision, Creative Practice

WEEK 2 - Song Structure, Melody, Harmony, Lyric Writing

WEEK 3 - Fear/Procrastination and Writer's "Block"

WEEk 4 - Vocal Technique, Additional Project Work


* Bonus Material: Chakras + Meditation Techniques for Creativity

Please keep in mind this is an online course, so much of the work will happen on your own time and much of what you receive from the course will depend upon the time you allow for it. You are encouraged to email and interact with other participants and with me throughout and I will make myself as available as possible for questions and guidance and (if desired) feedback about your work. It's helpful to have some sort of basic recording device (phone, garage band, or something) in order to share and discuss material. You can also type up lyrics/poetry as a word document. There is no 'end goal' for this course, it is an exploration of new techniques and time for you to write - you are free to choose your main focus (lyric writing? voice? finishing songs? writing more often?) However there will be ample opportunity to write many songs through assignments and self-direction should you desire that. I believe that emotions and life experience transform beautifully into words and music, the purpose of this course is to assist you in realizing that transformation and in believing deeply in the worth of your work. I'm excited to meet you and work with you!


I have a background in teaching early education and music and am a folk songwriter with a strong gravitation toward poetry and harmony. I graduated from Berklee College of Music where I studied songwriting and piano performance, composition, and more. I've released many albums and continue to perform and pursue the art of transformation through song. It's been a dream of mine to show others the healing and creative power of understanding our life experiences through music.